Looking for a Concise, Fundamental Grasp of Scripture?

Because the Bible is such an influential book worldwide, many people wish they had at least a foundational grasp of what it contains.

Bible Gateway’s Know the Bible free email series begins to answer some of the practical and broad questions you might have about the Bible—whether you grew up in the church or have never set foot in one—and uses that orientating knowledge to make it a less daunting book to read and understand.

The first set of emails (sent weekly) cover questions such as:

“What are the major eras covered in the Bible?”
“What are its major themes?” and
“What’s the difference between the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT)?”.

As you make your way through these emails, you’ll begin to build a framework of understanding to tackle more advanced questions. When you sign up, you’ll receive one quick-read email lesson each week. Once you’ve read the first 5 email lessons, you’ll get the downloadable Bible Basics Infographic PDF, as a quick reference guide that you can save or print. After that, you’ll receive two more sets of email lessons that answer more advanced questions about prophesies, Jesus’ parables, and more.

Our hope is that these informational lessons deepen your confidence and give you a firm foundational understanding of a book that many consider difficult. We believe that reading the Bible is a life-long and life-rewarding journey. And we’re excited to make the Know the Bible series available and to be a part of your journey.

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