Holy Land Of God

All the nations will praise you, for you will be a land of delight.
Malachi 3:12

Prayers Bible Stories from the Holy Land

For the Love of God

Pray with us, read our Bible Stories endeavoured in the Holy Land and beyond, have faith in our Lord, join us in our Love for God.

We welcome anyone to read Gods Word as written in the bible. Let the light reach your heart and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

Our Latest prayers, affirmations
and biblical stories

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The Power of Forgiveness


Christianity bases most of its foundation on the doctrine of Forgiveness, especially in the New Testament that changed the understanding of Forgiveness, a task started by Jesus Christ Ministry.
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Time of Baptism Time of Baptism It is time of baptism but to be eligible for water baptism a person must receive proper instruction, repent, believe, and have a good…

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moss-rose purslane, flowers, orange flowers


OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this post you will be able to: Write the Key Verse from memory. Define the word “judgment.” Explain why judgment is necessary. Identify who will judge…

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Explore the Holy Land Of God

The bible writes about the Holy Land, Gods Glory Land in the Middle East.

The center of our universe in the Divine and Spiritualish

Explore the land by prayers and
reading our stories how we interpret the Bible.

Join us in our prayers for a Holy Land in peace waiting for the return.

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